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Offline Store Buyer & Retailer in America
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I will always be a person who should see the right thing to do for extremely good talented person like you. I thank you for all, and will be always ready to give you all advice, as your excellent work should always be recognized.. and not marginalized...
Online Store Buyer & Retailer in Europe
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You have been very helpful with us since we have started working together and I totally understand that this is not your fault. I have communicated this to the ownership and we decided that we will not ask for any compensation from your side. I really hope that our cooperation will be a long lasting one because you are a lot of help with my job.
Online Store Buyer in Europe
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I am insisting on you and your company. So I try to bring as many categories as possible to you. You are the Top 1 helpful lady I have ever met, and I mean that.
Online Store Buyer in Europe
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Really really COOL product pictures, in my past 2 years, this is the first time receiving this good quality pictures, I think buyers will die with happiness.
Local Store Buyer in America
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I hope they send you congratulations for the good quality, after checking goods, he called and said goods are very good quality...
Offline Store Buyer in America
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You are doing the best work ever. We have a complete trust in you and your knowledge.