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Discover the Best 10 Outdoor Furniture Factories in China


Table of Contents


Before we delve into the intricacies of the outdoor furniture industry in China, let’s consider a few thought-provoking questions:

  1. How has the exponential growth of China’s outdoor furniture industry shaped the dynamics of the global market?
  2. When choosing a manufacturer of outdoor furniture in China, what are the pivotal factors that should guide your decision?
  3. What strategies can businesses employ to effectively navigate the process of importing outdoor furniture from China?

Keep these questions in mind as you read through the article. They will help frame your understanding and provide a context for the information we’re about to explore.




Navigating the enormous Chinese outdoor furniture and garden furniture manufacturing industry may be tough. The approach can appear frightening because there are so many factors to consider, ranging from the quality of the products to the dependability of the producer. But don’t be concerned! This comprehensive guide is designed to provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision.

This article will look at the growth of the Chinese outdoor furniture business, introduce you to the top wholesale outdoor furniture providers, and provide helpful information on importing their products. We’ll also go over how to find the best garden furniture factory shop, how to buy outdoor furniture factories direct, and how to choose the best outdoor table umbrella factory.



The Development of China’s Outdoor Furniture Industry

Over the last decade, China’s outdoor furniture business has grown significantly. This expansion is being driven by a number of causes, including advances in manufacturing technology, rising worldwide demand for outdoor furniture, and China’s capacity to produce high-quality goods at affordable pricing.

The possibility to acquire a patio furniture factory direct is one of the primary benefits of sourcing from China. This means you’re buying directly from the manufacturer, cutting out the middlemen and saving a lot of money. This is especially useful for merchants or business owners wanting to increase their profit margins.

Furthermore, China’s outdoor furniture sector isn’t simply for domestic use. Many Chinese manufacturers have expanded their operations to serve the international market, providing wholesale outdoor furniture to merchants worldwide. As a result, a wide range of products, ranging from patio sets and lounge chairs to outdoor table umbrellas, are now accessible for import.

It’s also worth remembering that Chinese producers aren’t just concerned with volume. Many Chinese outdoor garden furniture manufacturers are dedicated to quality and creativity, continually updating their product lines to meet the most recent trends and consumer expectations.

So, whether you’re looking for garden furniture factory store prices or want to work with wholesale outdoor furniture companies, China’s expanding outdoor furniture industry has a lot to offer.



Discover China’s Top 10 Outdoor Furniture Manufacturers.

China’s outdoor furniture sector is a thriving ecosystem of manufacturers, each with its own set of qualities. We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 outdoor furniture manufacturers, known for their high-quality goods and dedication to quality.

1. Yotrio Furniture: Yotrio Corporation is a leading manufacturer of outdoor living products. The company is committed to continuous growth and focuses on improving quality and delivery from all its factories. They design and create a variety of high-quality patio furniture, incorporating the latest design trends into every piece they create. Their product range is designed to cater to different styles and tastes.

Key Products: gazebos (from 1995), swings (from 2002), full-line furniture products (from 2003), fire & heat (from 2015). You can access their product page via

Services: customization

Certifications/Awards: listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2010

Export Capabilities: yes

Warranties/Returns: No returns, exceptions for large items. Further info about warranties in

Founded Year: 1992

Yotrio Homepage


2. Mindo Furniture: Mindo is distinguished by its unique designs and high-quality materials. Their major goods include patio sets, dining sets, and lounge chairs, and they offer a selection of factory-direct patio furniture. Their products are made with a passion for timeless design, premium quality, and sustainability. They avoid sharp edges for a comfortable look and feel, and draw inspiration from Chinese philosophy to add more balance to life.

Their furniture is designed for various types of people and activities, including daydreamers, party people, tea drinkers, and those who enjoy moments of solitude. The aim is to improve time spent together and alone and to enhance life’s little big moments, like a morning coffee in the sun, an hour of meditation, or an evening of comfort.

Key Products: sofa sets, dining sets, lounge sets, etc.



Strength: independent design and R&D, hotel project

Services: customization (customers’ choice of shape, structure, material, and process)/OEM

Export Capabilities: yes

Founded Year: 2007

Mindo Homepage


3. Higold Patio Furniture: Higold specializes in luxury and sophisticated outdoor furniture, including outdoor sofas, sun loungers, and dining sets. They provide appealing wholesale possibilities as one of the leading patio furniture manufacturers.

Key Products: Sofa Seatings, Dining Sets, Lounges, Hanging Chairs, Sunshade

Services: customization

Certifications/Awards: BSCI, Reddot Design, Red Star Design Award, IF Design Award Winner, etc.

Export Capabilities: yes

Warranties/Returns: No returns, exceptions for large items. Further info about warranties in

Founded Year: 2005

Higold History

For further information, you can view the company introduction and factory introduction via a PDF file:

  1. Company Introduction
  2. Factory Introduction

HiGold Homepage


4. Agio Patio Furniture: Agio is a global pioneer in the outdoor furniture market, known for its sturdy and attractive designs. Their comprehensive outdoor furniture collection includes fire pits, dining sets, and sitting sets.

Key Products: table and chair sets, sunshade, etc

MOQ: unmixed 40′ container load

Export Capabilities: yes

Warranties/Returns: One year limited warranty (Steel Frames), seven years limited warranty (Aluminum Frames), for further information, please visit

Founded Year: 1994

Agio Homepage


5. Artie Garden Furniture: Artie stands out among garden furniture makers because of its distinctive and imaginative designs. Garden sofas, dining sets, and sun loungers are among their most popular products.

Key Products: chairs & tables, sofa, daybeds & lounges, balconies, etc


Export Capabilities: yes

Founded Year: 1993

Artie Garden Homepage


6. JYL Furniture: JYL Furniture is a company that specializes in eco-friendly outdoor furniture. Patio sets, dining sets, and lounge chairs are among their offerings.

Key Products: Rattan series, PS plastic wood series, cast aluminum series, mesh series, and outdoor umbrellas


Export Capabilities: yes 

Founded Year: 2003



7. Linya Furniture: Linya Furniture is well-known for producing high-quality, long-lasting outdoor furniture. Outdoor sofas, dining sets, and sun loungers are among their most popular items.

Key Products: patio furniture whole line

Services: customization

Strength: Vertically integrated in aluminum, steel, and fully resin product and frame capabilities

Export Capabilities: yes


Founded Year: 2007




8. Longda Forge: Longda Forge is a well-known producer of metal outdoor furniture. They sell a variety of items, including patio sets, dining sets, and lounge chairs.

Key Products: dining set, table, umbrella, gazebo


Longda Certificate

Export Capabilities: yes



9. Express-garden Furniture: Express-garden Furniture is well-known for producing low-cost, high-quality outdoor furniture. Garden sofas, dining sets, and sun loungers are among their most popular items.

Key Products: lounge set, dining set, sunbed, swing, etc


  1. Trendy designs

  2. High quality

  3. Competitive price

  4. On-time delivery and best service


Certifications/Awards: ISO9001:2008, BSCI

Export Capabilities: yes


Founded Year: 1998


10. De-Garden Furniture: De-Garden Furniture is a luxury outdoor furniture company. Patio sets, dining sets, and lounge chairs are among their offerings.

Key Products: daybed, tables and chairs, sunshade, sofa, etc

Export Capabilities: yes

Founded Year: 2012



Remember that these are just a few of China’s many outdoor furniture manufacturers. Other manufacturers may be a better fit for your company based on your specific needs and preferences.

Are you ready to connect with these manufacturers or look into additional options? Please contact us right away! We can supply you with a list of preferred wholesale outdoor furniture vendors based on your company’s specific requirements.



Importing Outdoor Furniture from China

Importing outdoor furniture from China may be a lucrative business, providing access to a diverse choice of high-quality products at reasonable costs. However, if you’re unfamiliar with the process, it might be intimidating. Here’s a step-by-step tutorial to help you get started:



Determine the Kind of Outdoor Furniture: 

The first step is to decide what kind of outdoor furniture to import. This could include everything from patio furniture to dining sets, lounge chairs, and sun loungers. Because each outdoor furniture manufacturer in China may specialize in a particular style of furniture, it’s critical to know exactly what you’re searching for.



Choose Outdoor Furniture:  

Select the exact products you want to import once you’ve determined the type of furniture. Consider things like design, substance, and price. Remember that you can frequently buy outdoor furniture factory direct, which can result in large discounts.



Find Companies That Make High-Quality Outdoor Furniture: 

Look for reputed outdoor furniture manufacturers in China. This can be accomplished by attending furniture shows in China, visiting manufacturing markets, or conducting an online search. Working with trustworthy wholesale outdoor furniture providers can ensure that you get high-quality products.



Calculate the Cost: 

Figure out how much it will cost to import the outdoor furniture. This covers the cost of the furniture, as well as any import charges or taxes. Keep in mind that purchasing an outdoor furniture factory direct or from a garden furniture factory shop can frequently be more cost-effective.



How to Order: 

You can make your order with the manufacturer or supplier after you’ve chosen the furniture and calculated the cost. Confirm all information, including payment arrangements, delivery schedules, and after-sales service.


If done right, importing outdoor furniture from China can be a profitable investment. It does, however, necessitate considerable planning and consideration. Please contact us if you require assistance at any stage of the process. We can guide you through the import procedure and connect you with the best outdoor furniture manufacturers in China.



How to Choose High-Quality Outdoor Furniture

Choosing high-quality outdoor furniture is critical to ensure customer happiness and product longevity. Here are some pointers to consider while shopping for high-quality outdoor furniture from Chinese manufacturers:

Material Grade: 

The material of the furniture influences its endurance and attractiveness. Ensure that the maker employs high-quality, weather-resistant materials, whether they are made of metal, wood, or synthetic materials.


Design and Convenience: 

Good outdoor furniture is both beautiful and comfy. Look for styles that are both aesthetically beautiful and comfortable to use for lengthy periods of time.


Process of Manufacturing: 

Understanding the manufacturing process might provide insight into the furniture’s quality. Inquire with the manufacturer about their manufacturing method, quality control procedures, and compliance with international standards.


Feedback and Reputation: 

Examine the manufacturer’s reputation and user feedback. This might offer you an indication of their product quality and customer service.


Sample Examination: 

Order samples if possible before placing a substantial order. This allows you to personally evaluate the product quality and verify it fulfills your expectations.


Remember that purchasing high-quality outdoor furniture is an investment that will pay off in the long term through increased customer satisfaction and fewer returns or replacements. Please contact us if you need assistance purchasing high-quality outdoor furniture or connecting with trustworthy outdoor furniture manufacturers in China. We’re here to help you make the best decisions for your company.


Understanding Outdoor Furniture Prices in China

Competitive pricing is one of the primary benefits of getting outdoor furniture from China. However, it is critical to remember that the whole cost includes more than simply the cost of the furniture. Here is a breakdown of the costs to consider:


Product Price: 

This is the cost of the furniture itself. Due to the lack of middlemen, sourcing outdoor furniture factories direct sometimes results in more reasonable costs.


Shipping Fee: 

Shipping charges can vary depending on the quantity of furniture imported and the shipment method (air, sea, or land). Before placing a purchase, it is critical to obtain an accurate estimate of these prices.

Duties and Taxes on Imports: You may be required to pay import charges or taxes on outdoor furniture, depending on your country’s import restrictions. It is critical to check these rates ahead of time to avoid any surprises.


Other Fees: 

Costs for quality checks, customs brokerage, insurance, storage, and local transportation may be included.


Remember that, while purchasing from garden furniture factory shops or outdoor furniture manufacturers in China can be cost-effective, it is critical to consider all prices in order to have a full image of your overall expenditure. Please contact us if you need help understanding the pricing breakdown or seeking cost-effective alternatives for importing outdoor furniture from China. We’re here to help you get the most out of your money.



For firms wishing to obtain high-quality items at competitive pricing, China’s outdoor furniture industry provides a plethora of choices. The variety and quality of products offered by Chinese manufacturers are quite astounding, ranging from patio sets to dining sets, lounge chairs, and sun loungers.

However, navigating the terrain of Chinese outdoor furniture producers and the import process can be difficult. There are numerous things to consider, ranging from choosing the correct items and producers to comprehending the expenses involved and guaranteeing product quality.

This is where we step in. We’re here to help you every step of the way, whether you need help connecting with the leading outdoor furniture manufacturers in China, advice on the import process, or aid in purchasing high-quality outdoor furniture.

Are you ready to begin importing outdoor furniture from China? Please contact us right away! Let’s make this a chance for your company to succeed



Please contact us if you need any help or inquiry

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