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Post-Mounted Mailboxes

Category: Post-Mounted Mailboxes

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Most Asked Questions

We collect a lot of FAQs from our real clients and please check out our FAQ page. Also, feel free to chat with us via LiveChat (on the right bottom corner), phone call, email, or just simply drop us a line below:

What is the minimum order quantity (MOQ) for your products?

The MOQ varies depending on the product. Typically, the MOQ for each color is 200 units. However, for customized products requiring mold reopening, the MOQ may be higher.

Do you offer the option to have my own logo on the products?

Yes, we provide OEM/ODM services, allowing you to have your own logo on the products.

What type of packaging do you offer?

We offer customized packaging solutions tailored to your specific requirements. For example, e-commerce customers often prefer mailbox packaging.

Do you sell your items in the EU?

Yes, we not only sell our products in Europe but also in North and South America.

Can I request a sample?

Certainly! We can provide a sample for your reference. Please get in touch with us for further details.

What is the material of the mailboxes?

The material is zinc plating.

What is the lead time for the mailboxes?

It depends on your order quantity; usually, we will ship out within 30 days.

Can you do our own package design?

Yes, you can send us the artwork; if you need us to assist with the design, our graphic designer is willing to help.

Can you provide 5–6 good pictures for each mailbox?

Yes, we will provide 5–6 HD pictures for each model.

We need to put several languages in the user manual; is that okay?

Yes, of course.

What is the experience level of your team in this field?

Our team consists of experienced professionals with over 10 years of collective expertise in this field.


Which markets do you cater to?

Our services primarily cater to clients from Europe, North America, and South America. We work with a diverse range of clients, including online shops, small-town wholesalers, and retailers.


Do you provide dropshipping services?

At the moment, we do not offer drop shipping services directly. However, we can certainly provide recommendations for reputable companies that specialize in offering excellent dropshipping services.


Do you have some warehouses in Europe?

We currently do not have a warehouse in Europe, but we have plans to establish one in the future.

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